All-Patient DRG-PC

Like our other stand-alone applications, All-Patient DRG-PCis a top-notch AP-DRG calculation and analysis application for:

  • Claims processing applications
  • Data Warehousing and data analysis
  • Claim review and compliance auditing
  • Hospital medical records

All-Patient DRG-PC™ calculates the AP-DRG according to the specifications published by the New York Department of Health and 3M Corporation. The All-Patient Diagnosis Related Group (AP-DRG) is a primary component of health care claims reimbursement determination in the state of New York and select other states in the U.S. The AP-DRG specification is also used extensively for Worker's Comp, No-Fault and Medicaid claims. The AP-DRG provides a greater degree of specificity than the CMS DRG and provides more detail for neonatal and some major disease categories.

All-Patient DRG-PC includes comprehensive features for AP-DRG calculation and analysis. The unparalleled flexibility of All-Patient DRG-PC with multiple input/output modes, Interactive, Batch, and Command-line processing modes, and powerful data interface capabilities make it the ideal tool to meet your AP-DRG calculation requirements.

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