New product releases from Micro-Dyn:


December 2018 - New!  Psych PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL! The Psych PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL calculates a standardized federal per diem payment rate according to CMS inpatient psych PPS specifications. The reimbursement processing includes patient and facility-level adjustments. The Psych PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL provides two fiscal years of inpatient psych PPS reimbursement calculation functionality.


October 2018 - HH PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL! The HH PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL takes in the home health HHRG code and the data about the services provided during the episode and calculates the standard home health reimbursement for both RAPs and claims according to CMS Home Health PPS specifications. Special reimbursement situations for low utilization payment adjustments (LUPA) and partial episode payments (PEP) are also processed by the DLL. The HH PRICERActive.Net™ Reimbursement DLL provides two fiscal years of home health PPS reimbursement calculation functionality.


December 2014 - SNF PRICERActive.Net Reimbursement DLL! The SNF PRICERActive™ Reimbursement DLL duplicates the calculations used by Medicare for calculating the standard SNF reimbursement for the RUGS code. SNF PRICERActive‘ uses the same formulas and Medicare hospital-specific data that the Medicare contractors use to calculate claim payments and provides five fiscal years of SNF PPS reimbursement calculation functionality.


May 2014 - ESRD PRICERActive.Net Editor and Reimbursement DLLs! The ESRD PRICERActive Editor DLL identifies comorbidities and outlier services on a claim for payment under the End Stage Renal Disease Prospective Payment System (ESRD PPS) while the ESRD PRICERActive Reimbursement DLL computes the Medicare End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) payment amount per session according to the revised ESRD payment specifications effective for fiscal year 2011 (FY11) and after.

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The complete line of Micro-Dyn component software products for Medicare data editing, grouping and reimbursement calculation are available as 32-bit or 64-bit .Net or ActiveX DLLs to include with your systems or applications. Learn more about Micro-Dyn software products beginning on our Products page.

Need APC assignment and APC reimbursement calculation functions along with DRG Calculation in a Windows desktop package? Encoder-Plus For XP/Win7™ includes the complete APC functionality and is fully compliant with the CMS Outpatient Prospective Payment (OPPS) specifications. Calculate APCs, DRGs, and an estimated reimbursement for any Medicare hospital in the U.S.! This functionality makes Encoder-Plus For XP/Win7 a very powerful tool for for claims processing applications, data warehousing and data analysis, claim review, compliance auditing, repricing applications and more. Read More