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DRGActive-APRâ„¢ is a software component for All-Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) calculation. APR-DRGs are a generic grouper that integrates DRG refinements to provide a clinical severity and risk of mortality breakdown within each DRG. The Discharge APR-DRG is the traditional APR-DRG classification. It is based on the selected APR-DRG grouper version, uses all of the codes in the claim, and groups them for APR-DRG, Severity of Illness (SOI) and Risk of Mortality (ROM). The assignment of the discharge APR-DRG uses the diagnosis, procedures, age, sex, and discharge status fields on the standard claim form. DRGActive.Net-APRâ„¢also performs Medicare Code Editor (MCE) validation of the input data elements and reports any errors that are found.


DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL will interface directly with all .Net capable systems and is available as a component compliant with the APR-DRG specifications as published by 3M Corporation.

Features include:

Versions for plug-in compatibility with all .Net capable development environments
100% APR-DRG compliant DRG processing
Handles up to 25 ICD10 Diagnosis codes and 25 ICD10 Procedure codes
Editing of patient data
Returns DRG, Severity of Illnes (SOI), Risk of Mortality (ROM), MDC, descriptions, edit errors, and all APR-DRG compliant results values

Compatible with the leading Windows development environments including:

Microsoft Visual Studio


DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL is licensed based upon usage.

  • For a single site installation, like a health plan, hospital, or university, the DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL is licensed for internal use based on the size of the installation.

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