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DRGActive-APRâ„¢ is a software component for All-Patient Refined Diagnosis Related Group (APR-DRG) calculation. APR-DRGs are a generic grouper that integrates DRG refinements to provide a clinical severity and risk of mortality breakdown within each DRG. The Discharge APR-DRG is the traditional APR-DRG classification. It is based on the selected APR-DRG grouper version, uses all of the codes in the claim, and groups them for APR-DRG, Severity of Illness (SOI) and Risk of Mortality (ROM). The assignment of the discharge APR-DRG uses the diagnosis, procedures, age, sex, and discharge status fields on the standard claim form. DRGActive.Net-APRâ„¢also performs Medicare Code Editor (MCE) validation of the input data elements and reports any errors that are found.


DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL will interface directly with all .Net capable systems and is available as a component compliant with the APR-DRG specifications as published by 3M Corporation.

Features include:

Versions for plug-in compatibility with all .Net capable development environments
100% APR-DRG compliant DRG processing
Handles up to 25 ICD9/10 Diagnosis codes and 25 ICD9/10 Procedure codes
Editing of patient data
Returns DRG, Severity of Illnes (SOI), Risk of Mortality (ROM), MDC, descriptions, edit errors, and all APR-DRG compliant results values

Compatible with the leading Windows development environments including:

Microsoft Visual Studio


DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL is licensed based upon usage.

  • For a single site installation, like a health plan, hospital, or university, the DRGActive-APR APR-DRG DLL is licensed for internal use based on the size of the installation.

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