MCEActive Code Editor Components

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The MCEActive™ Enterprise Code Editor DLL takes inpatient claim information including patient age, sex, and discharge status along with detail diagnosis and procedure code data and validates against specific criteria prior to DRG assignment and reimbursement calculation to assure correct grouping and reimbursement.

Software developers and system integrators! The MCEActive Code Editor DLL is the easiest way to add CMS-compliant inpatient claim data validation logic to your systems or applications. By simply incorporating the MCEActive™ Code Editor DLL into your application, setting the input property values, and executing the CodeEdit method you can validate all the input claim data elements. The data validation performed by MCEActive™ is 100% compliant with CMS specifications. These components allow you to add Medicare data editing functionality to your systems and applications built for the Windows client environment.

The MCEActive Code Editor DLL is the ideal solution for claims processing applications, data warehousing and data analysis, claim review, compliance auditing, and much more.


There are two types of MCEActive™ Code Editor DLLs to match your system architecture:

  • Desktop versions of the MCEActive™ Code Editor DLL utilizes Microsoft Access databases for fast and efficient in-line processing.
  • The MCEActive Enterprise Code Editor DLL is available in .Net format and utilizes Microsoft SQL Server data components for high-performance in large-scale enterprise and web-based applications.

The MCEActive™ Code Editor DLL validates inpatient claim data for five fiscal years of Medicare specifications.

Features include:

Versions available for plug-in compatibility with .Net or ActiveX capable development environments
100% CMS compliant DRG data validation including:

1. Invalid Diagnosis or Procedure Code 14. Procedures allowed for males only
2. Invalid Age 15. Manifestation code as Principal Diagnosis
3. Invalid Sex 16. Non-Specific Principal Diagnosis
4. Invalid Discharge Status 17. Questionable Admission
5. E-Code as Principal Diagnosis 18. Unacceptable Principal Diagnosis
6. Duplicate of PDX 19. Non-Specific O.R. Procedure
7. Diagnoses for Newborns and Neonates 20. Non-Covered Procedure
8. Pediatric diagnoses for children up to17 21. Open Biopsy Check
9. Maternity diagnoses 22. Bilateral Procedure
10. Adult diagnoses for age > 15 23. Limited Coverage
11. Diagnoses allowed for females only 24. Wrong Procedure Performed
12. Procedure allowed for females only 25. Procedure inconsistent with length of stay
13. Diagnoses allowed for males only  


The MCEActiveCode Editor DLL comes in versions suitable for desktop applications as well as Enterprise Versions designed for high-performance large-scale applications that utilize Microsoft SQL Server.

Compatible with the leading Windows development environments including:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Microsoft .Net Core (.Net, 6, 7, 8)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2+
  • Microsoft SQL Server


The MCEActive Code Editor DLL is licensed based upon usage.

  • For a single site installation, like a health plan, hospital, or university, the MCEActive™ Code Editor DLL is licensed for internal use based on the size of the installation.
  • For a Software Developer including the MCEActive™ Code Editor DLL in a software package for distribution to an end user, a distribution agreement is required. Terms: an initial license fee and a per-site fee for each MCEActive component.

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